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Our promise to you is to provide the finest, purest, all natural, earth & animal friendly sustainable ingredients. Made in CanadaūüćĀ

Our key ingredients are carefully and responsibly hand picked deep within our sacred forests.

Renew with Nature

Natural Collagen stimulating ingredients

Our plant ingredients have the richest amount of silica out of any plant in the world. Silica, when applied to your skin rejuvenates collagen naturally. Also silica grows and strengthens your nails! Renewance has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and  anti-oxidents properties, which can be an effective acne and wrinkle remedy among many other amazing benefits!
Renewance is an extremely versatile product, you can literally use it on anything!

Total body Care & Holistic Remedies

Selective products will have a holistic remedy it can be used for as well. Making our products a very useful addition to your everyday skin care and your medicine cabinet.ūüĆĪ

The power of plants will amaze you!

Plants have been the basis for medical treatments for thousands of years. Almost lost in our modern times, we have worked to escape from the chemical based lifestyle, and bring back to a holistic approach.

I have been using Renew U Naturally products for a few months and they are such lovley products, the mixtures of natural ingredients are so refreshing, enriching and leave my skin glowing. I love the natural fresh aroma each product has to offer. Renewance dry oil is my everyday go-to, perfect for a natural look or as a base for my makeup. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who loves natural, locally made, ethical skincare products. Five Stars 

Jessica Pelletier

My skin has never looked so bright, it reduced the apperance of fine lines and it softens my skin better than bottles I have paid almost $200 for! I also love the way Renewance dry oil smells.

Kim P

Customer for Life!

I use this product only, no others for my face now. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It helps with my wrinkles and fine lines and all over just bettering my skin, making it younger! You have a customer for Life now! 

Farida d'Endel
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Silica and your body